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Lost on You by Yellow Claw and Phlake has that great, laid-back indie vibe and sick beats that I like.

I Wanna See Ya by Daiyan Trisha is so epic! I think our local music industry is so underrated. We have so many talented artists who deserves more love and appreciation from music lovers.

If you’re a fan of Chainsmoker music, you would probably love the vibe of this song too! Check it out on JOOX music apps and give Daiyan Trisha some love💕


I love “The Great Hack” on Netflix this month. It is a documentary about how a data company named Cambridge Analytica breached and manipulated the online data during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In this current age of interconnectivity, this documentary is related to all of us as it reveals the insidious activities online. There are a lot of the quotes that are very short but impactful and I really like that. For example, “data is the most valuable asset on Earth” by Brittany Kaiser.


I-Land is a sci-fi thriller miniseries. I always love this type of genre as I feel like the plot is very thrilling and sometimes the truth is mind-blowing.

In this story, ten people woke up on a deserted tropical island and none of them have the memory of who they are or what happened to them in their past. Later, Chase learned that they are all under “rehabilitation simulation” where they are monitored closely to see if they will resume old behavioural patterns. If you like Hunger Games or Maze Runner, this is a pretty good pick!

I love this Givenchy shade because the shape of the frame is kind of unusual. It’s suitable to be worn on a daily basis because it is very simple and chic.


At the end of July this year, I went on a press trip with Shu Uemura to Shanghai. It was one of the most incredible experience ever. I got to witness the launch of Shu Uemura Amplified Rouge range and tried out some of the products gifted by Shu Uemura.

Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of the Amplified Rouge range. They have two new addition to this range: Rouge Unlimited Amplified (satin sheen finish) & Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte (velvet matte finish). The colours are definitely more intense & packaging feels very luxurious. Love the shade A RD 163 because it feels very rich and creamy on my lips.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to you guys that I love Malaysian food by now, especially street food. I frequented this mihun stall at Jelutong quite often. Nothing too fancy, just very authentic & tasty local flavour.


Gucci launched their very own iOS app! The Gucci app lets cusotmers to virtually try on its Ace sneakers collection. Gucci colaborated with Wannaby, whereby they put the augmented realtiy (AR) technology into good use.

Users are not only able to “try on” the shoes that has different fit, size and style to create a 3D sneaker models. You can even move your feet and snap the shoes and share the snaps to your friends immediately! Definitely the fusion of fashion and technology at its finest.

iPhone 11 Pro was gifted to me by my loveee. As my work depends a lot on technology and gadgets, I got the 256GB one in midnight green. I think we can all agree that iOS is really fast and doesn’t disappoint.

I’m not a very technical person, but from the perspective of a social media influencer, I think the triple-camera system is quite an upgrade. It is able to capture up to 4x more scene (Ultra Wide ccamera so you can zoom in easily) and even relatively clearer pictures in low light.

It also offers the highest-quality video in any smartphone, with 4K video quality and excellent video stabilisation – all at 60 fps (frames per second). It means, in 1 minute, 60 fps video contains 3600 frames. You can get a smoother video as compared to the 30 fps of iPhone X.


In mid-September, I took a break and went to Thailand. While I was in Bangkok, Thailand, I went to this amazing spa called Erb Spa. All the therapists were so friendly and welcoming that it makes the whole experience really luxurious.

After the spa session, I feel so relaxed and recharged. Highly recommend the Signature massge that includes: foot & hand massage, face mask and head massage for the first-timers.



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