February Favourites (2019)

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im so tired.jpg

LAUV and Troye Sivan released their first ever music together it’s epic! Clearly grammar isn’t an issue for both of them cause the song is titled “i’m so tired…” So repetitive and addictive.


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Favourite movie in February definitely goes to Escape Room! I think that the culprit is such a genius (but in a dark and twisted way). How the mastermind plots and plans the whole escape room blew my mind away. Can’t wait for the next installment of Escape Room. Fashion

LV sunglasses

Any outfit would look good with a pair of sunglasses on. Have been loving the LV Drive Sunglasses lately.


These pointed toe slip ons from Pedro are absolutely on point. I always wear them when I go to the office because they are so comfy and stylish. When dressing up, you can also pair it with your outfit for that sleek look that exudes the air of elegance effortlessly.



I only use fragrance from Chloe, but Dior fragrance is the only exception. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet eau de toilette is one of Dior’s classic and best-seller. It has a really subtle floral scent that is not overpowering yet captivating. The packaging is simple and feminine as well.


kuih kapit.jpg

Kuih Kapit has got to be my favourite CNY traditional snacks! Reminds me so many good memories from childhood.



Added another Apple products into my list of gadgets because the functions are really cool. Normally use iPad for doodling stuff and watch Netflix too sometimes.

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Happy to be featured in the February Nuyou magazine in collaboration with Bosco and the team. Tried out maxamalism style for a few different looks for the shoot. Love all of the looks because they look quirky and colourful. Shoots like this always excites me as I get to push myself out of my comfort zone and try out something new.

What are some of the things you are excited to try out this month? Comment down below and let me know!



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January Favourites (2019)


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more than blue

《有一种悲伤 》is the soundtrack from one of the biggest hit movies in Taiwan that broke the box office record 《比悲伤更悲伤的故事》! The singer of this soundtrack, A-Lin, also had a cameo in the movie itself. The movie was very melodramatic and I think this is why 《有一种悲伤》sounds so emotional. Covered this song on my Instagram as well. Love it!


bird box.jpg

Usually I watch dramas on Netflix, but this time round, my favourite is “Bird Box”. It is a movie about a disease that strikes in the future world that spreads through eye contact with some kind of monster. It is very similar to “A Quiet Place”, extremely thrilling and gripping. Keeps me on the edge of my seat throughout!


christian dior.jpg

A bag of this size always comes in handy, especially during travelling. Love the fact that it is big enough for me to put everything in yet still looks chic. Dior Book tote bag from Christian Dior is love.



In the beginning of January, Kiehl’s has very kindly sponsored a bunch of influencers including me myself on a trip to Finland. I got to know more about the relaunched Ultra Facial Cream during that trip.

Personally, I think the moisturiser is really good in keeping our face moisturised as I have used it when I was at Finland. It keeps your face hydrated for 24-hours and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother. I would recommend to use it moderately if you wish to use in Malaysia because of the weather so that it would not look too oily on your face.



The gelato from Alfresco G Trattoria is heaven! They have a branch at Gurney Paragon too and it’s just as good.



I think Apple products are very convenient to use. They took so much hassle out of  my social media works because of AirDrop and the rapid processing speed. Chosen iPhone XS Max because of its sleek design, great performance and large screen view.



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December Favourites (2018)

December favourites



Love “Give Me Nurtur” by Rei Brown, “Good To Go” by Klangkarussell and “Midsummer Madness” by 88RISING. Give me some chill and exciting vibes during the month of December.



“Money Heist” has released its first season on Netflix and I’m already liking the storyline! It’s about a team of professionals from various backgrounds who plots a sinister crime together. They managed to diverge everyone’s direction and steered the direction of investigation. Genius!



The “Velvet Floral Set” from Christinna.K. It has a sense of feminine but at the same time suitable to be worn to formal settings. Go for the girl boss / femme fatale look.


brow unlimited

This is the Brow Unlimited from Shu Uemura which you can use to colour your eyebrows. For me, I like to use it on my eyelashes. Never tried this type of makeup look before but I love the vibrant pink colour that makes my eyes pop. Like the “Alice in Wonderland” vibe.




After my finals, I finally decided to be my own chef and cook some mushroom aglio olio for myself. I bought all the ingredients and viola. Tastes good!



First of all, thanks to my boss for this pair of AirPods. Although I have been using this only for a few days, I love it so much! Since it is connected to my iPhone, it is so convenient to play music (LANY!) My favourite tech item and personal possession.

fabric mist

LOVEYDOVEY Perfume Fabric Mist in the scent – Rosee. It’s a very musky scent, so it eliminates bad odours and freshen up the air easily. Since it can be sprayed on most fabric stuff and used as an air freshener, I spray around my bedroom and my clothes.

Hope you like this post. Comment down below, what’s your December favourites? Happy holidays!

Ms Kuan,


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November Favourites (2018)

November favourites(1)Music

malibu nights

First and foremost is of course none other than Lany’s newest and latest album Malibu Nights! There are so many good songs in Malibu Nights such as “Thru These Years” and “Malibu Nights”. I am so excited for LANY’s concert in Malaysia July next year. I’ve missed their concert last year and fingers crossed I get to meet my idol next year!


shark tank

I love watching Shark Tank because I love to listen to the entrepreneurs sharing their ideas with each other. By listening to others, it provokes me to think critically in terms of entrepreneural aspects. Doing business is something that I enjoy since a long time ago. It is a process that requires time and effort. Therefore, by watching this series on Netflix, it may spark one or two ideas in my mind.



I love the MCM Visetos Travel Trolley because I think it is very convenient to stuff everything in it while travelling. The design is very chic and simple as well. Love this brand so much!


FRESH sugar lip caramel

In the month of October and the starting of November, I have been travelling to quite a few places in United States that caused my lips to crack because of the ever-changing climate and environment. All thanks to FRESH Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm for keeping my lips feeling plump and hydrated. After using FRESH Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm, it has helped to improve the situation tremendously. I love that it has all the natural ingredients in the balm like sugar to exfoliate gently and essential oils as well. You know what’s the best part? It tastes like caramel too! So yummy!


I have been using AESOP for quite some time now and I love this brand so much. The AESOP Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser smells really nice and refreshing! My skin feels more refreshed and clean after bathing with this body wash. Most importantly, it has all the natural ingredients good for our skin too.


fresh milk

I am obsessed with fresh milk boba because it’s just tastes sooo good! Love the texture of the boba and the sweetness of the fresh milk together.


When talking about food, I have no shame of confessing my love for Cheetos at all !!! I think this is not surprising for most of you guys who have seen my shameless raving on my Insta stories on how good the Cheetos Crunchy tastes. I had a fair share of these when I was still in the states and I have been addicted to these snacks ever since. The cheesy taste is really aromatic and rich! Recently I just got to know that this is Jenn Im’s favourite snack as well. Maybe we can have a Hot Cheetos date someday when I’m in the States again haha.

sprinkles cupcakes

Cupcake ATM

When I was in Los Angeles, I went to Sprinkles Cupcake to satisfy my sweet tooth. To be honest, I think I have always underestimated how good cupcakes can taste before I tried the cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcake. Being a person who rarely eats the whipped cream that tops off cupcakes, finishing the whole cupcake, including the whipped cream part really shows how much I love the cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcake. What’s interesting about this shop is that it dispenses cupcakes from their Cupcake ATM!


momota 2

I have also been loving ramen when I was in the States, particularly the ramen from Momota Ramen House located in Los Angeles. Were just walking on the streets when we came across this random ramen house. Tates really good and the broth of the ramen heavenly!

Ms Kuan,


Moschino X H&M Runway Show @NYC, U.S.

YESS! The cat is finally out of the bag, or should I say the gold is finally out of the.. wait, what? All the way to NYC by H&M to attend their Moschino x H&M Runway Show on the 24th October (US time) #excited


Some selected pieces from the collection was sent to my room at Public Hotel and I was so delighted when I first saw them! The excessiveness and expressiveness of the collection is just mind-blowing: the gold, the bling bling and the bold chain prints were something shouts Moschino. So Moschino !!!


Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

On the day the runway show was held, I put together the pieces. The runway show was held on Wednesday at Pier 36, NYC. We used bar code to access and enter to the venue where it is decorated extravagently to recreate the New York Times Square setting. Speaking about efforts and creativity!

Jeremy Scott during the press conference.

with jeremy 2

Before the runway show began, we attended a press conference where I got to meet Jeremy Scott (@itsjeremyscott) for the first time. We were also served some popcorns during the conference.

I did some reading on Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the Moschino house and the brain behind this whole collection. Some of the common words used to describe this man and his fashion sense were: humorous, playful, full of possibilities.. – and they are all accurate! As he explained the main concept and idea he had for this collaboration with H&M, his eyes glistened with excitement and enthusiasm. Beware.. his positive energy is super contagious! He always tries to make people happy with his fashion designs and I think that is a very good cause. No wonder he’s always so driven!

A quote by Jeremy Scott: ““If I can put a smile on someone’s face, whether it’s something I’m wearing and they see me on the street, or because something I’ve designed makes them feel good – it lightens them or brightens their day – then that’s the best gift I can give someone.”

When the press conference ended, it also indicates the beginning of the runway show. Some really iconic stars with present at the runway show too, like Paris Jackson, Bebe Rexha and Diplo, and they were all seated at the front rows! Ru Paul’s Drag Face winner Aquaria and Amanda Lepore were there too. They were all decked up in pieces from the Moschino x H&M collection.

I was ushered to the sit on the front row with other Asian fashion influencers – @kittieyiyi from Malaysia, @chaubui_ from Vietnam, @prettyfrowns, @rchlwngxx and @narellekheng from Singapore.

Source: H&M Magazine
Gigi opening for Moschino x H&M runway show in a hoodie dres, sequin embellished jacket and over-the-knee boots with all the gold elaborated Moschino accessories. / Source: Harper’s Bazzar
Bella Hadid nailed the dangerous woman look with this sexy minimalistic black outfit. The Hadid sisters totally rocked the runway show! / Source: Harper’s Bazaar
Winnie Harlow wore a sparkling bralette that matches the hot pants seamlessly. She was also adorned with sparkling cap, metallic coat and a pair of boots. / Source: worldabcnews
Some of the other male models that rocked the runway show. One of the biggest highlight is the presence of Anwar Hadid on the runway! / Source: Elle
Other female models that showcased the clothing items from the collaboration. Top row from the left: Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Candice Swanepoel / Source: Elle
Other palattes for you to feast your eyes on other than gold and bling bling / Source: Elle
The legendary Naomi Campbell closing the Moschino x H&M by wearing a sparkling dress with abundance of necklace dangling from her neck and a pair of black boots. / Source: Harper’s Bazaar
jeremy 2
The man himself – Jeremy Scott appeared onstage at the end of the runway show in style.

The show blasted off with Gigi Hadid opening the runway. After that, a few other familiar faces appeared onstage too, like Bella Hadid who completely rocked the sexy dangerous woman look and the gorgeous Winnie Harlow who sparkled onstage. Finally, the one and only legendary Naomi Campbell walked on the runway for the closing of the runway!


To conclude my takeaway from the runway, I would say that all the pieces from the Moschino x H&M collection were absolutely stunning, expressive and bold. There were a lot of bling bling and golden chain prints on the clothing items.



If you are not one who likes bold prints, you can also opt for more toned down pieces from this collection where Jeremy Scott has included a lot of the classic American cartoons that we grew up with. For an instance, Barbie and a whole bunch of Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie! These cartoons tugged at my heart strings so hard. The collection has some pet wears as well!

The whole collection completely reflects and radiates Scott’s positivity and energy. It is indeed a collaboration that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Good job Moschino and H&M, and heartiest congratulations to Jeremy Scott for putting up such an amazing runway show!


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You can never not notice the spirit and positivity of this girl!

Last but not least, thank you Moschino and H&M for this eye-opening opportunity and wonderful experience! I’m glad that I have made new friends and some old friends as well reuniting with some of my friends, like the amazing Taiwanese fashion influencer @molly_chiang.

For the time being, I’m still in NYC, exploring the city of my dreams. I will be sharing my experience in NYC with you guys through pictures on Instagram and content on the blog. Stay tuned for more updates!


Moschino reposted on their official Instagram account! *happy and excited*
For more info, follow: @moschino @itsjeremyscott @hm on Instagram

*MOSCHINO [tv] H&M will only be available in H&M Avenue K store, as well as online, on November 8. Be sure to get your hands on the affordable Moschino pieces!

Ms Kuan,


Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! As you are reading this blog post, I’m already on my way heading to New York for the fashion show for the collaboration between Moschino x H&M.

When I was packing, I managed to jot down a list of my travel essentials and I thought that I would like to share with all of you. I know packing for travelling can sometimes turn into a nightmare! Read on to find out more about my travel essentials 🙂

travel essentials

To make it easier for your browsing and reading purposes, I have categorised my travel essentials into a few categories.


I always have Dettol antibacterial wipes in my bag as I have OCD / germophobia. Hygiene should always comes first to prevent you from falling sick, especially when travelling. Some cute Watson tissue pack with Rilakuma cartoon on it and some masks cause I’m a little sick. Don’t wanna pass the bad bug around to anyone 🙁

self care

Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, Listerine cool mint mouthwash, Cuccio Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizer Complex Oil, Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion, Crabtree & Evelyn pear and pink magnolia hand cream and Dr.Jart+ Cicapair facial calming mist. These are all skincare related products that ensure I’m at my best during the fashion week at NYC! They keep me fresh and clean after a long day. Can never live without any of these babies.


Masks are a must during travelling to lock in the hydration on your face. I always like to use a few sheets of masks on the airplane or while resting in the hotel to make my skin looks hydrated and supple. Some of my favourites are: Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot rubber mask (excuse the scary or cute baby faces on the lids), Dr. Jart+ Mask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution and Chaton Chatonne face masks. Those who follow me on my Instagram will know that Chaton Chatonne face masks are my absolute favourite!


When travelling, it’s always good to have some stationery along your side, gadgets and electronical devices as well. For someone who spends so much time on social media and planning for my socials when I’m not online, a planner, a pen and a casing storing them always comes in handy. It makes it easier for me to jot down any ideas that comes off the top of my head instantly. Laptop and pendrive are important too as they are something that I need for my social media work.


Besides, you can never travel without some supplements to back you up when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Some travellers bring along medications as well. Gain Bac contains capsules with a mixture of yogurt with live cultures to aid with digestion while Nolaray Supa Bio-C contains all the vitamin C I need to reduce incidences of cold and flu infection.

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Miscellaneous: Line speaker to play LANY’s songs 24/7 no doubt 🙂 Earphones, Chloé’s fragrance, Oliver Peoples shades and Balenciaga leather bracelet.

That’s all for now. Hopefully this blog post helps if you’re planning to travel anywhere soon! Let me know down in the comment section if there is anything else that you would bring along when travelling. Stay tuned to more upcoming contents on my blog!